Vanity In Mind Eastern Horizon Original Mix

Песня Eastern Horizon Original Mix от великого и неподражаемого Vanity In Mind. А ещё супер клёвое видео Vanity In Mind - Eastern Horizon Original Mix про *** OUT ON OCT 14th, 2013!! ***

"Eastern Horizon" is an evocative progressive trance tune out on Deep Forest/Redux. "Trashy Blonde" on .

"With credits such as Paul Oakenfold-support, trance singles on revered label Nukleuz and superstar DJ Glenn Morrison's Morrison Recordings, Vanity In Mind released "Midnight Obsession" on Condura Recordings Redux this summer. He now continues the collaboration with Redux, releasing a 2-track progressive trance EP on Deep Forest/Redux.

"Eastern Horizon" combines a progressive trance main hook with an electro house-inspired "snake charmer" theme. An evocative break introduces Arabic sitar and strings, climaxing into a dance floor frenzy, in both East and West."

EP tracklist
1. Eastern Horizon Original Mix
2. Trashy Blonde Original Mix

Also listen to "Trashy Blonde" on .

Available on Oct 14, 2013 on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Junodownload etc.

Visit the official Vanity In Mind website on .

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Исполнитель: Vanity In Mind

Название песни: Eastern Horizon (Original Mix)

Длина файла: 07:24

Дата добавления: 2014-12-29

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Vanity In Mind - Eastern Horizon (Original Mix)
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